How to Make a Backpacking Pot Cozy

By on July 25, 2014

Make an ultralight pot cozy for your next backpacking trip. This simple DIY project can help you to conserve cooking fuel, simplify and automate your trail cooking and provide a convenient carrying case for your cook pot and accessories. Here we have a video and a step by step instruction for you.


Cook pot
Auto Sun Shade made from Reflectix insulation (looks like metallic bubble wrap)
Reflectix metal tape
Permanent Marker

Part 1 – Making the Pot Cozy Sidewall

1. Measure the distance from the bottom of the pot to the top lip.
2. Cut a strip of sunshade material that is the height of your measurement and as wide as the circumference of your pot plus a little extra.
3. Wrap the strip around the pot and trim the overlap so that the two ends but up against each other. The fit should be snug, but not tight.
4. Wrap a strip of your tape around the two ends to connect them, forming a cylinder.

Part 2 – Making the Pot Cozy Base

1. With your pot inside the cozy cylinder, place it on the sunshade and trace a circle.
Cut the circle out. This will be the base of your pot cozy.
2. Leaving the pot inside the cozy, turn it upside down and attach the base to the side using small strips of tape, starting at opposite sides.
3. Continue attaching the base with small strips of tape all around the edge. Overlap each strip slightly to create an airtight seal.

Part 3 – Making the Pot Cozy Lid

1. Cut a strip from the sun shade that is 1.5″ tall and as wide as the circumference of the cozy with the pot inside, plus a little extra. Wrap it around the cozy and trim the overlap.
2. Tape the two ends with duct tape, forming a cylinder. This will be the side of your lid.
3. With the side of the lid in place turn the pot and cozy upside down and trace and cut another circle to make the top of the lid.
4. Attach the top of the lid to the side using small strips of tape like the base.

Have you tried making your own pot cozy? How does it work for you? Tell us about it in the comment section. Happy camping!

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