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By on October 15, 2015

Going camping would mean a lot of exercise with all the activities that you can do in the outdoors. From setting up camp, to hiking trips and camp games, your body needs plenty of energy. If you’re one who doesn’t get their protein, carbohydrates and fats from animal sources, it is important to have other sources to provide you these. There’s no need to limit yourself with plain grains and beans or instant pasta.


Rice and Beans

  • Quick cooking brown rice and dehydrated beans can be mixed with powdered vegetable soup and spices at home. Outdoor grills can be used like stoves to quickly make a filling hot soup.
  • Mujadarah is an exotic sounding name for a very simple dish made from quick cooking coarse bulghur wheat and green lentils. Season this pilaf with sea salt, allspice, cumin, garlic, dried chopped onions and plenty of extra virgin olive oil.
  • Couscous is possibly one of the easiest meals a vegetarian camper can make. These tiny pearls of precooked semolina wheat are mixed with boiling water, covered and fluffed after five minutes of steaming. It is available in whole wheat and refined versions. It is especially good when served with instant black bean chili.

PastaPasta – dried whole wheat, semolina wheat and gluten free pasta are available at most supermarkets. Some suggestions for vegetarian pasta dishes:

  • Boxed microwavable macaroni and cheese cooks quickly over grills. Transferring the contents of the packets to resealable bags before you leave home will make cleaning up the campsite easier later on.
  • Gnocchi, potato and flour based Italian dumplings are available in vacuum sealed packages. Cook by simmering in water, draining and then tossing with olive oil and freshly grated cheese.


Burritos and tacos aren’t always easy to eat neatly at the dining room table, but nobody cares about a little mess when you’re camping. If you have this meal on your first night, you can have grilled fresh vegetables with your meal without worrying about them spoiling.

You will need:

● Cornmeal, whole wheat or white flour tortillas and/or crispy taco shells
● Quick cooking brown or white rice
● Instant re-fried beans or chili
● Green cabbage — shred just before supper to replace lettuce
● Bell peppers, mild chillies and summer squash — grill until lightly charred and tender
● Shelf stable, vinegar based hot sauce, like Tabasco.

Be creative and discover ways you can enjoy a vegetarian meal at your next camping trip. Camping should be fun and camping food should fill you up. What other vegetarian meals could you suggest for a camping trip. Tell us about it. Happy camping!

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