Cake Inside an Orange – A Tasty Campfire Treat

By on October 14, 2015

Chocolate cake inside an orange? Yep, you read it right. As crazy as it sounds, it is actually very tasty as read from other bloggers who already tried making these camping delicacy. It has a perfect mixture of sweet and sour when the recipe is followed accordingly. Why not give this a shot?

Want a delicious campfire dessert? Once you’ve enjoyed the tasty insides of an orange, fill it with chocolate cake batter or your favorite mix, wrap it up in foil, and then place the package on the smoldering coals of your fire. In about a half-hour, you’ll have a delicious single-serving cake, ready to eat.


Just slice an orange off at the top, and hollow out the pulp on the inside (don’t waste it!) and fill the bottom about three-quarters the way with the batter. Wrap it up and make sure it’s resting on a spot of your campfire that’s away from any direct, intense flames so it can cook slowly. After about a half-hour, you’ll have a tasty treat.

The approach here is similar to the egg in an orange method we’ve covered before, but has the side benefit that the taste of orange actually goes well with chocolate cake.

Now those definitely aren’t annoying oranges! Let us know of other camping cake recipes you’ve tried. Share your thoughts on the comments section. Happy camping!

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