6 Skills Must Haves When Backpacking

By on October 18, 2015

Having the best gears isn’t enough for a backpacker to have. Having the skills and know-how is easily more important. So that even if you don’t have the best gears, you could still have an enjoyable and safe backpacking trip. Here are some skills that you should take time to learn.


  1. Learn how to start a fire. If you need to, practice on your own yard, but try to do so with a single match alone. Then, try it again when it’s raining.
  2. Learn how to pitch tents. If this is done incorrectly, rain can enter and the wind could tear its seams. Tents need to be pitched very tight. Also, you have to be able to set tents up within just a couple of minutes.
  3. Learn how to cook over fires. This is not as simple as it sounds. The wind needs to be blocked; the pan needs to be covered; the fire needs to be kept concentrated and small. Practice a lot and set a timer. Doing things faster is always better in emergencies, and keep in mind that there is a possibility of your stove breaking.
  4. Watch the sky. It would be helpful to know whether a storm is coming. Know the basics in weather prediction to ensure more safety.
  5. Know simple first aid. An important thing you may want to know is how to recognize hypothermia symptoms and how to treat blisters.
  6. Know how to navigate. Maps and compasses will not help if they aren’t used properly.

You don’t have to be a survival expert to go on a backpacking or a hiking trip but it doesn’t hurt to know some skills to help you out on emergencies. Equipping yourself not only with the necessary gears but with the appropriate skills, your hiking experience will be much more rewarding. Happy camping!

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Image Source: Greyhound Blog

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